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Suzanne Downs (NMLS# 289859)

Co-Founder and Mortgage Broker

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Suzanne has been originating home loans since 1985 and established Palm beach Mortgage Group, Inc. (as a Co-Owner & Founder) in 2001. She takes enormous pride in providing top-notch service and loan options for her clients, which is reflected by her outstanding reputation and reviews. An extremely knowledgeable expert in her field, Suzanne knows how to customize a loan to fit the specific needs of each and every borrower.

Previously, Suzanne served as President of the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers where she currently serves the organization as a Local Chapter Director. A true professional, she is known throughout the area and maintains a reputation for excellence in working with realtors, builders, and clients alike. In addition, she is committed to going the extra mile to help people to reach their goal of home ownership by obtaining the best mortgage possible.

Suzanne Downs of Palm Beach Mortgage Group Inc., is a leader and trained specialist in the mortgage industry. Currently, the business belongs to the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers, the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau. They offer competitive rates, renowned customer service, satisfaction, and a variety of programs to meet your specific needs, ie: CONVENTIONAL, FHA/VA, JUMBO, NON-CONFORMING and NO DOC programs.

About Suzanne Downs

Jessica Gulbrand, Loan Partner

Jessica Gulbrand is a Loan Partner at Palm Beach Mortgage Group. She is someone Palm Beach Mortgage Group is excited about having on their team because Jessica is loyal, hardworking and honest, as you will find out when you meet her. She is family oriented and donates her time and efforts to charity events for Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization. Jessica has been in the mortgage loan business for about seventeen years. She has been a Licensed Loan Officer for two years.

Jessica moved to Florida to attend college and earn her Bachelor’s degree in real estate & marketing. While in school, she began working at her first mortgage job in her Aunt’s company. A great quote from Jessica that sums her up: “Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.”

Meet Suzanne's Team

Pam Cahill, Junior Loan Processor

Pam Cahill is a Junior Loan Processor at Palm Beach Mortgage Group. As a Junior Processor she will be processing mortgage applications, orders appraisals, title work, surveys, homeowner’s insurance, and more. Pam will keep you and your Real Estate agents informed on what is going on throughout the process. Pam is going to be your best friend and point of contact during your loan process. Pam has been in the mortgage business for 24 years. The prior ten years, she has worked in marketing and auditing foreclosures and bankruptcies. She worked at a savings and loan right out of high school and later at a finance company. Since Pam has genuine love for working with people, she decided to open her own mortgage company, which her husband later joined, from 1983 until 1994. Pam was also a licensed mortgage broker from 1983 until 2007.

Pam Cahill has mortgage experience to spare: running her own mortgage company for 11 years, sales manager for two other mortgage companies – and she has won awards for her contributions to the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers, and gotten more accolades for sales volume. When you ask Pam about her favorite job, “mom” is at the top of the list, followed by grandma. So, yeah, we can call her good with people, babies, and pets. Pam’s parting words to you are, “Believe you can, and you are halfway there.”

Kristen Majewski, Client Relationship Manager & Partner

You know that person who keeps everything running smoothly? Yep, this is her. Meet Kristen Majewski, the Client Relationship Manager and Partner to Suzanne Downs at Palm Beach Mortgage Group. Kristen graduated Summa Cum Laude with an Associate degree in applied science in business. For the last twenty years, Kristen has held positions that focus strongly on customer service. Five years ago, she entered the real estate field and now is in the mortgage industry. She used the experience she had gained in real estate to transition to the mortgage industry. She enjoys people and is especially happy when she can assist a client in achieving a successful outcome. Kristen is the one who is all about the details and loves the checks and balances of the industry.

It is Kristen’s job is to nurture current relationships to ensure that everyone is getting the attention they deserve. She makes certain that the office is running smoothly and in an organized fashion. You will appreciate how Kristen is there for you, ensuring that everything gets completed in an organized, timely manner. It’s no wonder she is known to be honest, loyal and compassionate. Kristen is prepared and organized, and her message to you is this: “Life is not a dress rehearsal.”

Kira Randazzo, Loan Processor

Let's get to know Kira, Loan Processor at Palm Beach Mortgage Group , Kira has been rocking the mortgage world since 1997. Kira has had a diverse career as a loan processor working in New York, CA and currently here in sunny Florida. You will get to know Kira because it is her job to conduct the entire loan process form application to closing. Kira can always relate to her clients and their needs with her high attention to detail. She admits that what initially drew her to the industry was the stability and income potential , however the reason she has stayed is the challenge of her work and the intellectual and emotional stimulation she gets every time she closes a loan for one of her borrowers.

Even with all that responsibility Kira does not take herself too seriously and is a great listener. She likes to have a laid back relationship with all her borrowers so that they feel more like a person and not just a number, she is happy to take your calls to answer questions. When asked for some parting comments Kira gave some words of wisdom: " Wisdom over Youth", " I may wander, but I am never lost" & most importantly," we fall to learn how to pick ourselves up "

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